Industry Knowledge & Experience

Website Development

I manage a variety of small business, personal, and non-profit organization websites, including creating all site content. I have also been involved in content development and planning for several large corporate sites. I'm familiar with HTML, CSS, and Drupal.

Small Business

I have had hands-on, in-depth involvement in business startups and small firms for over 15 years, giving me first-hand knowledge of the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs and the challenges they face. I also have extensive experience marketing to small businesses.


I have extensive knowledge of book, magazine, newsletter, and online publishing for professional audiences ranging from physicians, to IT staff, to business executives. I also have several years of experience working with advertising sales.


I am an experienced marketer of technology-related products and services including software, web hosting, and consulting. In addition, I have several years of experience marketing to IT professionals.


I have experience marketing professional information and publications to physicians in more than 15 medical specialties.

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