Design Direction

I've been working with graphic designers on virtually every type of marketing piece since the late 1980s. I've hired, managed, and directed designers to create trade show exhibits, event invitations, direct mail, motivational posters, product and service brochures, print and online advertising, recruitment materials, corporate identity, newsletters, and more. I've worked with designers to take boring, cluttered materials and revamp them into colorful, high-impact campaigns, to develop attractive and effective printed pieces on very low budgets, and to achieve impressive quality and fast turnaround.

I've also obtained high-quality images for print and website use by commissioning photographers and illustrators, researching stock images, re-purposing editorial photos, and taking my own pictures.

My broad experience has given me an understanding of how to communicate with graphic professionals to develop marketing and promotional pieces that feature both accurate information and visual flair.

On my own, I've designed and produced newsletters, web sites, brochures, flyers, corporate identity, ads, and more.

In short, I can get any kind of information into the right form - in print or online - whether working alone or with a design professional or creative team.

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